Nildahme was a kingdom of western Galicia, located along the Sea of Rhai. The kingdom had no standing army, but every citizen was a fierce warrior who would fight to protect the kingdom. Except in an emergency, most people lived their lives based on agriculture and hunting.

Fall of Nildahme
When their country was invaded by Lodis, the king of Nildahme stood on the front lines and led the battle. However, facing overwhelming odds, he was wounded and forced to withdraw from the front.

It was believed that the princes would take the king’s place on the field, but instead they argued among themselves over whether to resist Lodis at all. In this fractured and chaotic state, they were no match for the armies of Lodis, and the kingdom inevitably fell.

The penalty that Lodis placed on Nildahme was very different from what other subjugated kingdoms had to endure: the royal family was placed under arrest, and their people were forced into labor. This was in reaction to the strong opposition the kingdom had presented, and the physical characteristics of its people.


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