The Lodisti faith, also known as Lodisism, is the religion of Filarrh, the sun god, based on the teachings of Lodis, a saint sent by Filarrh. The believers are children of Filarrh, and it is their duty to practice the teachings of Lord Lodis thoughout their lives. The Holy Empire of Lodis is built upon this faith, and seeks to spread it by force to neighboring kingdoms.

“Admonish overconfidence and blind faith, and recognize the significance of one’s existence.” This doctrine originally meant that every person has a place that best suits them, but as time went by it was distorted into the principle of competence and selectivity.

This religion is based on the Galician myth, in which all gods are said to be avatars of Filarrh, who exist to help his followers. The High Priest and the clergy, the paragons of faith, are considered second only to gods, and a believer’s rank is the measurement of achievement as a child of Filarrh.

Because all other gods are seen as mere avatars of the sun god, the militant followers of Lodisism within the Holy Empire consider worshiping them to be blasphemy, and often punish and oppress those of other religions.


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