Ethereal Plane

The Ethereal Plane is a misty realm that borders on the Material Plane, the Netherworld, the Feymarch, and the Elemental Planes.

This plane has very little of what most natives of Fermus would call geography. It is a place of ever-shifting mists with little hard matter to obstruct the traveler. Near its borders one can peer into the bordering planes, and easily move back and forth, provided one has that ability. Travelers from these other planes often momentarily step into the ethereal via magic to bypass dangers or solid matter.

When mortals of the Material Plane dream, their consciousnesses drift into the Ethereal, warping its reality. Imagined places and people are created in tangible forms out of the misty substance of the plane. Because of this, the fabrications of nightmares can be a threat to ethereal travelers, as these places and creatures act in a manner consistent with the worst fears of the dreamer.

The souls of dead mortals also tend to linger in the Ethereal Plane before being shepherded to Marteim for judgment. These shades pose a particular peril to those who walk the fog.

Planar scholars recognize five “layers” or regions of the Ethereal Plane:

Ethereal Plane

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